Do Fungal infection affects cats ?
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Fungal infection has many speculations considering that it only affects cats which’s another misleading information for owner as dogs also suffer from such pathogenic condition.

Fungal infection cannot be distinguished from any other skin problem by naked eye and a thorough examination must be carried out by your veterinarian to rule out many other diseases affecting your pet’s coat.

UV light is used to examine the fungal infection within skin by viewing such patches on skin with less or no coat when significantly compared to remaining of the body, the course of treatment mainly revolves around immunity and local anti-fungal treatments,anti-fungal drugs are a choice which isnt used until case obliges the doctor to when as drastic times call for drastic measures and anti-fungal prescription is validated as they drain the body mainly liver and kidney.

Fungal infection must be treated as soon as possible as to avoid widespread of infection which takes longer time to cure and exhausting both the animal let alone the owner,not to mention the fact that costs elevate according to severity of the case which forms a burden on the owner. So do your pet a favour by monitoring their body condition regularly, food quality, supplementation and annual vaccinations.


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