Are fruits and sweets harmful to dogs and cats, not useful ?! 🤔
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Fruits and sweets are another myth that shouldn’t be introduced to pets, owing to the fact that dogs and cats lack the organ responsible for regulating sugar concentration in the blood which’s the pancreas, counted as one of the most ignorant and misleading information speculating found at breeders or pet owners. The truth is fruits as oranges, peaches, watermelons, raspberries, cranberries, blueberries, strawberries, cantaloupes, pears, mangos(not preferred actually), and apples. Whilst, avocado, tomatoes, grapes, raisins aren’t allowed because of toxicity. Moderation is the key in using fruits as they should be treated as snacks or treats not the main meal for dogs and cats, as they’re more prone to pancreatitis due to sensitivity of the pancreas.


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