Vomiting in household pets 🐶
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Dogs and cats unlike horses have a well developed vomiting centre ,so vomiting is frequently seen in these pets. However, the vomition process isn’t always a bad indicator and considered a defence mechanism by the body. However, frequent and sudden vomition with low activity level and low food consumption, this shows that there’s a problem and must be seen by your local veterinarian as soon as possible.

Reasons for vomiting can vary according to many factors as age, species& type of food the pet feeds on. Vomiting may appear when introducing new food for the first time, in young pets, as the digestive tract isnt fully able to digest these contents. Thus, vomiting occurs also, due to viral dieases, GIT pathogenic infection, obstruction in the digestive tract eg.

Hairballs (seen more frequently in cats than dogs), gastric ulcers, intestine ulcers, tumours, splenomegaly, hepatomegaly and the list goes on. Furthermore, countless reasons maybe the reason behind your pets vomiting, so as loving owner to your companion you should always maintain a healthy lifestyle including a thoroughly clean plate for eating, high quality food either dry of soft food(doesn’t need to be expensive but must nutritionally balanced), clean house, regular vaccination and deworming protocols.

Last but not least, diagnostic tools as regular physical examination, X-ray, canine parvo kits, swabs are needed to get a hands on diagnosis of the causative agent.Also, treatment isn’t always the same, if the vomit is of a large volume and frequent, an Iv cannula is a must to rehydrate and compensate the mineral and fluid loss in the body.

Talk to your vet for ideas and tips on care.
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