Parvovirus - its causes and treatment 🐶😫
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Parvovirus is considered a lethal and a very dangerous virus which commonly seen in puppies and becomes a disastrous issue when affects a breeder’s litter as the chance of survival is 50%.

Its symptoms are ideal of that of common gastroenteritis they can only be differentiated by the parvo kit test as it allows the doctor to judge and pronounce the perfect line of treatment. Many patients with the perfect treatment get by and develop lifetime immunity to the virus. Vaccination is the only solution and the full protocol should be fulfilled which starts at 45 days of birth the first dosage and should be followed by two consecutive doses with 15-21 days apart and some breeds as GSD’s, rottweilers’ Dobermans are advised to receive 4 dosages due to likelihood of perceiving the virus.

The treatment should be under veterinary guidance and should not by the owner


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